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The FLOWN Academy is a multimedia experience, brought to you by Micah, our resident deep work expert. Micah offers bite-sized insights, examples and inspiration, as well as actionable advice to help you understand how you can get more out of your brain.

Genius habits to adopt

Learn from real life deep work heroes - from Carl Jung to Charles Dickens.

How to hack your brain

Explore the brain science behind creativity, productivity, ideation, and more!

How to cultivate focus

How you can improve your ability to focus - and why it's so important.

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"To build your working life around the experience of flow produced by deep work is a proven path to deep satisfaction."

Cal Newport

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"You've really got something special there with Micah."

Saasha, entrepreneur


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"Calming and considered – Micah makes the topic of ‘deep work’ truly engaging."

Tom Allin

Executive Director, Conde Nast

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