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    December challenge

    Resist the noise

    We’ve got a month of focus AND fun lined up, with a 12 Flock challenge, prizes, and special Flocks designed to get you set for festivities with your work wrapped up.

    The demands on your attention at this time of year can be overwhelming.

    So, commit time to wrapping up your work before the holidays, with our December focus challenge.

    Join 12 Flocks between 1 December and 23 December, and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win one of a stash of fantastic prizes – including sessions with our qualified coaches.

    1. Join the challenge! Click the buttons on this page

    2. Join Flocks between 1-23 December – we’ll keep count.

    Watch out for special Jolly Flocks!

    3. Expect email from your Flow Coaches to keep you motivated!

    4. As soon as you hit 12 Flocks, we’ll email you to confirm your success.

    5. You’ll be entered into a prize draw to win some great prizes.

    The prize draw will take place on 27 December, 5pm (UK time) at the end of the 3pm Deep Dive. 

    First column media

    1st prize: Coaching sessions with your choice of coach

    Get set for progress in your life, fitness, confidence or even managing ADHD in 2023. First prize is sessions with one of our coaches.

    Nate – certified breathwork coach

    Ali – qualified personal trainer

    Vic – confidence coach

    Sara-Jane – ADHD coach

    Alicia – startup and small business coaching

    First column media

    Runners up

    Three lucky runners up will get a coveted FLOWN hoodie! You’ll really feel (and look) like part of the FLOWN family sporting one of these.

    Consolation prizes

    We’ve also got FLOWN mugs to give away to the next 10 winners drawn out of the hat.

    Get your holiday plans in order and have some fun this December.

    First column media

    7 December: Flock your gift shopping

    9 December: Write your greetings cards

    15 December: Flock your gift shopping

    16th December: Christmas Cooking

    19 December: Final push: week planning

    21 December: Review and reflect on your year

    22 December: Festive jumper Flock

    23 December: Gift wrapping

    27 December: Week planning

    30 December: Review and reflect on your year

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    You're 12 Flocks away from two massive wins.

    First, you’ll have a December to remember for being focused and stress-free (while everybody else is running around like headless turkeys).

    Second, you'll join a fun FLOWN community challenge with special Flock events, Christmas jumpers, and some valuable advice over email too.