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How about a world of deep work learning to revamp your habit?

Learn why Charles Dickens turned down dinner invites. Explore why a walk outdoors aids your thinking. And find out how you can make play your superpower.

The FLOWN Academy has had a bit of a revamp lately. There's a wealth of resources to rekindle your deep work spark, so head to the Academy page now.

Go to the revamped Academy

And don't forget Flocks…

There's nothing better than a room full of real people to fire up your focus when you need a kick. Book one for this week now, with the handy calendar below.

Showing sessions for timezone: Europe/London.
Mon 26th September
7:30am, 20 mins
Deep Dive
8:00am, 2 hours
8:30am, 20 mins
Deep Dive
10:00am, 2 hours
Power Hour
1:00pm, 1 hour
Deep Dive
2:00pm, 2 hours
Deep Dive
5:00pm, 2 hours
Awe Walk
5:05pm, 20 mins
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