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    Don't let procrastination hold you back

    No more stolen time. Build the habits you need
    to get in gear and work stress-free

    Dominate your deadlines. Discover how to trigger your focus on cue
    to achieve what you're truly capable of.

    “A year from now you may wish you had started today.”
    Karen Lamb

    Around a quarter of adults struggle with procrastination, whilst a whopping 75% of students name it a main bugbear. But there are ways for you to overcome it.

    With FLOWN, you'll gain access to a proven bank of insights and tools, along with the support that has helped professionals all over the world to dismantle their barriers
    and achieve more than they'd ever thought possible.

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    Rewire your brain in 30 days

    Hi, I'm Micah and I'm going to help you reclaim your time and peace of mind. Let's beat procrastination in 2023!

    You'll get a month of proven insights and tips straight to your inbox:

    • Identify and overcome various procrastination types

    • Disrupt unhelpful patterns to build your momentum

    • Habits to trigger focus and harness your potential

    The entire journey is covered by our free 30-day trial.

    Productivity tools from FLOWN

    Deep work sessions

    Online sessions designed to eliminate distraction and help you get more done than you'd ever thought possible.

    Breathing exercises

    Energize your brain and body with live guided breathwork sessions and
    on-demand Airflow videos.

    Focus sounds

    Get into the zone with our tested deep work and recharge playlists, designed to trigger your flow

    Work-with-me videos

    Be spurred on by the craft of other deep workers through our curated Work-with-me videos and Portholes

    You might not know this

    😊 Forgiving yourself leads to reduced procrastination during the next task (Science Direct)

    ☑️ Prioritisation is key, using the Eisenhower matrix can help to stop procrastination in its tracks

    😴 People who procrastinate are more likely to have problems with sleep (MedicalDaily)

    💰 Higher procrastination rates are linked to lower employee income and shorter employment periods. (Brenda Ngyuyen)

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    Join the journey and access a collection of our Notion templates, habit trackers, weekly planners and more.

    A bag of proven resources and productivity tools you can use to get more done and feel good doing it. 

    "I'm more productive now than I have been for a long time – maybe ever. I am setting and meeting achievable goals, which increases my confidence."

    Hari Berrow, PhD student & scriptwriter

    "I find the FLOWN structure really helpful in encouraging and stimulating productivity throughout my working week. It's helped me progress through some intense episodes of distraction and procrastination."

    Ivan Carr, Managing Director

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    With our live events, fabulous facilitators and on-demand content, the FLOWN platform is on a mission to help everybody weave deep work into their lives.

    Join now, and discover a new way to think and work. You get 30 days completely free!