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Get away to work

Sometimes you need to change your surroundings to change your perspective.

Get away from your day-to-day to think, work, and connect with nature or your team.

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What is FLOWN Away?

Getting away from familiar surroundings can be the kickstart you need to make progress on your big projects.

FLOWN Away is a curated collection of remote work-enabled properties for you to browse, book and escape to for concentration, contemplation or collaboration.

Whether for yourself to work on a big project in peace, or your team to come together and connect, our Away properties will inspire and support your goals.

Bask in the quiet of a cosy log cabin as you thrash out your pitch deck. Or channel your creative energies as you soak in blissful woodland views. With our selection of contemplative spaces you'll be spoilt for choice in deciding where to develop your next great idea.

How about ergonomically adapted workspaces and ready views of nature? Our properties provide the perfect balance between utility and beauty, offering easy access to the sparks of inspiration you need to push through logistical knots and meet your goals.

Collaborate with co-workers in a chic manor house, or focus on a big project while holed up at a country estate. Whether you're after a space for your next team offsite or the ideal place to strategise with your fellow founders, our range meets every need.

"If you are not limited by a specific office location, you can look anywhere in the country or anywhere on the globe."

Nicole McCabe, VP, SAP

Get away to get it done

It's not just about changing your surroundings or finding quiet. The psychology of shifting your environment for work pushes your goals to a heightened level of "mental priority", helping to unlock the cognitive resources needed to meet your aims.

Recharge your imagination amid serene surroundings.

Fire up your creativity as you soak in rural views.

Produce your best from inspiring workspaces.

"To put yourself in an exotic location to focus on a writing project, or to take a week off from work just to think... these gestures push your deep goal to a level of mental priority that helps unlock the needed mental resources. Sometimes to go deep, you must first go big."

Cal Newport, author of Deep Work

Where you work matters

Did you know working by a window can improve mood and boost productivity?

A change of work environment ups wellbeing and makes you more productive.

Over half of workers in the UK suffer ‘cabin fever-like feelings about their office environment.’

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